US wasting millions on useless ‘predator control’

USA has spent $1 billion killing wildlife – Why?

June 2013. The US Government spends hundreds of millions every year on ‘exterminating wildlife pests’. We can understand that, in some cases, perhaps a Mountain lion that is killing sheep, or ….? There must be something else; there can be a good reason to kill a few animals, but the number and species that have actually been killed seem extraordinary.

$1 billion spent on killing 23 million animals

Between 2004 and 2010, Wildlife Services, a branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, spent nearly $1 billion to kill nearly 23 million animals using aerial guns, poisons, traps, snares, and hounds, purportedly to protect agriculture and other private interests as part of a grossly ineffective and wasteful program. Wildlife Services, however, continues to rely on a woefully outdated environmental analysis for its wildlife-killing activities that fails to take into account new reports on the risks and inefficiencies of its program, evolving public values for wildlife, and new scientific and economic information concerning wildlife management.

New documentary – Wild Things
Natural Resources Defense Council has produced a documentary Wild Things to expose this taxpayer-funded carnage and show what a new breed of ranchers are doing to find a better way.


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