LOBO: The Wolf that changed America

The Wolf that changed America ~ How the Encounter between Ernest Thompson Seton and Lobo changed America’s Future.

In 1893 Ernest Thompson Seton began a quest that would soon not only change his life but also the course of America. This history changing story took place in the beautiful southwestern state of New Mexico. At this time the wild buffalo had all been eradicated by man and were replaced by cattle whose defenses had been bred out of them. For hungry wolves the temptation was too great and the cattle made for easy pickings. The ranchers were incensed by this and wanted it stopped. Seton who was a trapper, naturalist and author had been hired to catch and destroy the pack leader of the wolves, Lobo.

Seton who was born in Canada, was familiar with wolves and had often trapped and killed them in the past. He had even written a book on how to do this. He reasoned that at most this job would take no more than a couple of weeks. But what he hadn’t counted on was Lobo, a wolf with an almost supernatural ability to cheat death. Soon weeks turned into months with not even a sight of Lobo. Seton had used all his best methods to catch this wolf but to no avail.

When Seton, after months of being eluded by Lobo, finally came into contact with him a shocking chain of events took place that jolted his conscience and made him question who really was the villian and who was the hero. Although Seton was a trapper by trade he was also a naturalist and this conflicting view of his was to disappear forever. In his book, “Wild Animals I Have Known”, he professed his profound regret over the war he had waged against Lobo.

Seton had been so effected by his encounter with Lobo that he never killed another wolf again. He lived the rest of his life spreading the word about preservation for America’s wilderness and wild animal species. His mission began what is now the modern day conservation movement and it had been solely inspired by a wolf named Lobo. Seton pushed for the creation of national parks and lobbied for and laid the groundwork for environmental legislation. His heart had been forever touched by Lobo and America’s wildlife and wilderness has been preserved because of what came out of this one moment in time.

The video that follows is a fascinating documentary narrated by actor F. Murray Abraham. The subject matter is inspired by the actual journal entries of Ernest Thompson Seton. The story is told through dramatic reenactments, vintage photos, and expert interviews with historians, library curators, and wolf biologists. It also shows some truly remarkable nature photography. This story is sure to be a memorable one.


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