Cub petting and walking-with-lions: conservation or death certificate?


When planning a visit to South Africa, most dream of seeing some of her famed wildlife, preferably in its natural environment. These days we are spoilt by television programmes which show up close the marvels of what can be seen on safari, and it is almost expected that – if so fortunate to  be able to go to a wildlife reserve – these animals should just pop out and practically greet one, posing for photographs and videos, doing Africa proud. Well, often they do; not because they mean to, but just because you happen to be near where they want to be walking/ lying/ hunting/ drinking water or whatever else one does as an African animal. And it’s unbelievably exciting to be a part of their day. But even then these animals sometimes seem distant – they are, after all, wild animals and behave as such. And humans have a…

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