What you don´t learn at University (Part 1)

Dear followers,

This post starts a new episode in this blog where we wish to share not only wildlife research but our own experiences as wildlife researchers that live and work in the bush.

So, there is a picture of wildlife biologist Vera Menges’ legs after checking leopard kill-sites and looking for their prey remains. Despite of the scratches (that after 4 months are still visible), she had a successful day and found prey remains at seven different locations and I am pretty sure that the thorny bushes did not have a better ending…

Leg scratchs

This is the kind of girl that you don´t mess with!

Probably, during your studies you were never taught that fieldwork and legs do not always get on well, specially if you work in the thorn-bush savanna…

Some of you may wonder why she is not wearing long trousers. To put it in her own words:

It is freaking hot here and if I have to choose between melting or being scratched. I’d rather choose the later!

This is only one of the challenges that you will face during fieldwork. Those of you who are doing it every day and enjoying it as much as me, are most likely thinking that nothing will never erase the smile that the field put on our faces.

Enjoy the nature fellas!

P.S. Want to find out more about her research? Join the Leopard Project Facebook page.

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