About us

A blog does not write itself on its own. Those who spend hours in front of the screen sharing information regularly, know it well. Next, a short introduction of us, so you know who is behind this blog.

Thanks for following our updates and sharing our posts!

Ruben Portas

Born in Spain and raised in Switzerland, Ruben has never been a good student as his head was rather in the forest than in the classroom. He did a Diploma on Nature Resources Management and got a position as forest fire-fighter afterwards while working for wolf conservation, giving talks in schools and collaborating as environmental instructor with several charities. After volunteering in Doñana Biological Station, he ended up in Namibia where he is currently working as Research Assistant for the Cheetah Research Project. His motivation finally pushed him to fight for his dream so he is now simultaneously studying towards a Bachelor on Nature Conservation.



Vera Menges

Born and raised in Germany, Vera followed the call of the wild and turned her interest for wildlife and conservation into her daily life. After finishing a Bachelor in Biology and a Master in Conservation and Management of Protected Areas, she has worked at the Lynx-Roe deer-Project within the Bavarian Forest National Park and the Scandinavian Brown Bear Project. She is now living and working in Namibia whilst pursuing a PhD in Biology about leopard ecology on commercial farmland.



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